The WITI Conference is an annual invitation-only event that aims to create a comfortable and confidential environment to discuss the challenges we face as women in the beverage business and to help and learn from each other. Our Conference is a networking and educational summit tied specifically to national accounts on-premise with a relaxed approach to building relationships. Through this conference, we support each other personally and professionally as we navigate our careers and personal lives.

THE WITI CONFERENCE is a female-only event made up of buyers, suppliers and industry leaders (culinary, mixology, winemakers, brand owners, brewers, etc.) to help navigate our discussions, education sessions, business- and team-building exercises. We all share the relaxing space of Sonoma Broadway Farms conducive to our small specialized group. Our small, private environment promotes deeper connections and relationships that will help us all thrive in our outside world.

This conference focuses on building and strengthening relationships and fostering charity by putting people first. WITI is non-profit in order to both be and make a difference in our world, rather than solely focusing on building profits and pushing the sale. There is only one WITI Conference, inquire how to be a part of the movement by contacting us!

Our inaugural conference (held in August 2018) rewarded attendees with new friendships, new business partnerships and new buyer-supplier connections. We also collectively donated more than $20,000 to our two recipient charities.

This non-profit conference supports the following industry foundations:

Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)


What our participants are saying..

The 2018 WITI Conference was just the breath of fresh air I needed to rejuvenate and reset my personal and professional intentions. The team building exercises, keynote speakers and educational sessions at the event were curated to inform with laser focus, yet delivered in a relaxed and informal setting. I was able to reconnect and strengthen current relationships while fostering many new connections. This non-traditional approach of blending the personal and professional will create more meaningful and long-lasting relationship building in the spirit of mentorship and philanthropy, specific to supporting CORE and WITI.

Lolly BlockHilton

Great experience to spend time with wonderful women! Getting to make stronger bonds with friends and meet new friends in the industry is such a blessing. Every day was well planned and our time was well spent. So happy I was able to be a part of the very first conference and hope to be back year after year.

Donna RuchWolf Spirits

The WITI Conference was an amazing experience to share with other women in the industry in a relaxed setting. It was truly inspiring to be around strong, intelligent leaders within the industry. I came back inspired and empowered by this experience.

Yvette MathisNestlé Waters

The WITI Conference enabled me to learn more about my customers in an open format that fostered open communication and non-judgement. It wasn't just about business, it included personal growth opportunities and new friendships.

Meg BellSerralles USA

The first annual WITI Conference was a great experience! Amazing women, interesting speakers and topics, and new business relationships that will last a lifetime. Also love that it supports CORE and their incredible mission to help children of employees in the industry. Well done Christie!”

Alexis WalshCrimson Wine Group

CJL Consulting and The WITI Group have created a non-judgmental environment for women in the industry to empower and support one another. It was a genuinely uplifting experience.

Cathy BassLagunitas Brewing Company

The First Annual WITI Conference was filled with smart, talented, successful women coming together to lift each other up and share ideas for a successful career and a balanced life. I can't wait to next year!! Christie did an amazing job not only putting together the conference but also bringing together an amazing group of women!

Deb EybersHospitality Consultant

WITI 2018 was a great event and I left feeling more powerful as a female leader in the industry. What I learned from the open conversations and important issues that were discussed has already changed my behavior in a positive way within 3 days of being home.

Lauren LaViolaCORE

WITI conference is more than a networking opportunity and place to learn and be inspired- it is an inclusive community of strong business leaders supporting one another personally and professionally throughout the year.

Colleen McClellanDatassential

I really appreciated all the work that went into the weekend and most importantly, meeting such an impressive and amazing group of women. I hope that I continue to be included in all things WITI as it’s certainly something I need in my life!

Joanne LiuCrescent Hotels

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