WAKE UP WINE®, the product that is changing the way wine and spirits are consumed, has named CJL CONSULTiNG as their North American wholesaler for national chains both on- and off-premise.

WAKE UP WINE® is an aging and decanting system that uses patented light technology and magnetics to bring the very best forward from wine or spirits. Traditional decanting can take hours to fully enhance and express the flavors and aromas of the wine/spirit contained therein… and proper aging takes years. WAKE UP WINE® ages and decants in as little as two minutes. “This is an exciting innovation in the wine/spirit enhancement arena,” said Stu Nudelman.

WAKE UP WINE® was recently featured by Marshall Tilden of The Wine Enthusiast as the “latest and greatest technology in wine decanting” as a “fast, fun and really convenient way to enhance flavors and aromas in wine.”

Sommeliers and wine lovers agree that the few minutes invested into the WAKE UP WINE® process enhances the beauty, expressiveness, flavors
and aromas so much that it simply must be tried to believe. WAKE UP WINE® has two models which both hold a cordless charge for up to EIGHT hours
and come with the lead-free, dishwasher safe glass decanter, the “PRO S” and the “PRO”. The WAKE UP WINE® “PRO S” –
which also features a Bluetooth speaker and mood light ring – retails for $249.99 and the and the “PRO” retails for $199.99.
The decanter also has measurement marks and can age and decant up to 750ml properly at one time.

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As the North American wholesaler, CJL CONSULTiNG will be able to offer customization
and branding on top of the significant savings on the models to customers.
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